Saturday, September 29, 2012

EVGA GTX 560Ti baby unboxing with her very first steps :)

My new VGA, I wanted to share it with my kid. Obviously she enjoyed but could not eat it :) The greatest value of this video is that this baby made her first steps during unboxing :)

I prefer ASUS... but this time I tried to go with EVGA, manufacturer that is not so popular in my country but as I red a bunch of its reviews from other owners I realized its worth a risk and yes. It is very nice card. Pack is not so rich as ASUS is but I dont care so much. It works as it promised and thats most important.

Friday, September 28, 2012

OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

My next share is not a painting but experience with new 2.5" OZC VERTEX 4 128GB SSD drive. I am using it for a week now and didnt want to write anything before I really try it. It is SATA3 disc but working perfect with SATA2 platforms (this time is ASUS P5Q PRO motherboard with Core2QUAD 9550 cpu, 8GB 1066mhz of DDR2 and 5TB of WD GREEN hard drives). I am working on Windows 7 and I started to feel some slowdowns caused by too much data stored on my computer so I decided to try SSD. Installation went  smooth as possible, Windows 7 was up in 15 minutes (and I am sure it would be faster on SATA3 platform....) My PC simply started to "breath"  and apps that requires cashe like After Effects has no more hard times when it goes out of RAM. Stories that manufacturers talks about this thing are true! It really speeds up rapidly whole system, work and even gaming BUT you have to keep it at 75% filled up because as its loads with programs and data its performance goes down!!! This piece of hardware is welcome in PC. Expensive, maybe, but prices goes down and if you use your PC for work - go for it! There is no question that this is a future of desktop computers. True hardware invention, not like meaningless races with VGAs... bla bla bla. I will stop this novel with one advice: if you have money and love your PC, get one (or 2... or 5, whatever :))

All technical info on this peace you can find at:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Logitech G110 LED keyboard, expiriance

Hi everybody. I noticed these new LED keyboards and I decided to buy one. Specifically LOGITECH G110 and I was exited enough to be convinced that, finally, I bought something that will last long and that I will be happy with it, specially in the late night when baby behind my back sleeps in the dark while I have nice quiet illuminated letters on the table :) But after few days I realized that I am not comfortable with this keyboard as I expected. Money or Logitech was not an issue. Its beautiful keyboard that offers good functionality but somehow that keys... are kind of small and simply I couldn't get use to type as did on much cheaper keyboards. Programmable keys on the left side is great idea but made me confused finding ESCAPE key that was all my life at the top of the left corner. All I wanted to say here, considering its price, think twice - why would you need this keyboard and TRY IT before purchase. Read some reviews on youtube... Its great but youll have to get use to its smaller keys, extra function keys on the left side and surely having trouble to get use to different position of ESCAPE key if you type fast. My experience, your choice. Hope it helps somebody... :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A short surveey / kratko glasanje...

English language/jezik:
I added short survey on the right side of the BLOG that should help me see a bit deeper who is following me and from where (considering language). I know I have BLOGGER status service but its limited for info I need... so, please vote and thanks for your time!

Ex Yugoslavia jezik/language:
Dodao sam kratku anketu na desnoj strani BLOGa koja bi mi trebala pomoci reci malo preciznije ko me prati i odakle (bazirajuci se na govorni jezik). Znam da imam BLOGGER status ali ta usluga je malo ogranicena za informaciju koja je meni potrebna. Pa, molim vas da glasate i hvala na odvojenom vremenu!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sebilj, one more doodling

For guests who dont know, this is an old central fountain in my city of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Hercegovina) made by Mehmed-pasha Kukavica in 1753 and Czech architect Alexander Vitek. It considered as one of the main symbols of Bosnia and its capital. Anyway, This is just a fast drawing and I hope that, someday, I will have more time to work more on details.... I hope you like it cos it looks more tamed compared to my other paintings :)