Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Logitech G110 LED keyboard, expiriance

Hi everybody. I noticed these new LED keyboards and I decided to buy one. Specifically LOGITECH G110 and I was exited enough to be convinced that, finally, I bought something that will last long and that I will be happy with it, specially in the late night when baby behind my back sleeps in the dark while I have nice quiet illuminated letters on the table :) But after few days I realized that I am not comfortable with this keyboard as I expected. Money or Logitech was not an issue. Its beautiful keyboard that offers good functionality but somehow that keys... are kind of small and simply I couldn't get use to type as did on much cheaper keyboards. Programmable keys on the left side is great idea but made me confused finding ESCAPE key that was all my life at the top of the left corner. All I wanted to say here, considering its price, think twice - why would you need this keyboard and TRY IT before purchase. Read some reviews on youtube... Its great but youll have to get use to its smaller keys, extra function keys on the left side and surely having trouble to get use to different position of ESCAPE key if you type fast. My experience, your choice. Hope it helps somebody... :)