Friday, September 28, 2012

OCZ Vertex 4 SSD

My next share is not a painting but experience with new 2.5" OZC VERTEX 4 128GB SSD drive. I am using it for a week now and didnt want to write anything before I really try it. It is SATA3 disc but working perfect with SATA2 platforms (this time is ASUS P5Q PRO motherboard with Core2QUAD 9550 cpu, 8GB 1066mhz of DDR2 and 5TB of WD GREEN hard drives). I am working on Windows 7 and I started to feel some slowdowns caused by too much data stored on my computer so I decided to try SSD. Installation went  smooth as possible, Windows 7 was up in 15 minutes (and I am sure it would be faster on SATA3 platform....) My PC simply started to "breath"  and apps that requires cashe like After Effects has no more hard times when it goes out of RAM. Stories that manufacturers talks about this thing are true! It really speeds up rapidly whole system, work and even gaming BUT you have to keep it at 75% filled up because as its loads with programs and data its performance goes down!!! This piece of hardware is welcome in PC. Expensive, maybe, but prices goes down and if you use your PC for work - go for it! There is no question that this is a future of desktop computers. True hardware invention, not like meaningless races with VGAs... bla bla bla. I will stop this novel with one advice: if you have money and love your PC, get one (or 2... or 5, whatever :))

All technical info on this peace you can find at:

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