Sunday, October 7, 2012

Expirience with WACOM Cintiq 12" WX

            It was cold snowy morning 2009. when UPS arrived with my new Wacom cintiq 12"WX in its big black box.

I was excited but, to be honest, not because of new hardware but the price of 1000$ + oversea shipping (around 200$) for something I didnt try. I had experience before with other digital drawing tablets but couldnt get use to it. I am drawing and painting all my life but feeling strange, looking at monitor while "scratching" on plastic surface so, I needed something more. I decided to try Cintiq, the screen you are drawing on in real time. Could be nice tool I thought.

When I unpacked it, the content was decent. User manuals, cables, adapters, connectors, pencil, reserve pins for digital pen and the screen. Pen was pretty comfortable in hand but I became a bit skeptical when I saw 12" screen and how small it is. I plugged it in secondary graphic card on my ASUS P5Q PRO crossfire motherboard as 3rd monitor and installed it easily, windows had no problems with recognition and drivers so I started to paint. Yes, that was what I expected. Not so precise but ok for 12”. 1024 pressure level was ok, it had almost no lag and everything else was ok but, color calibration with my ex SAMSUNG 970P monitors was terrible, specially reds! 

And even my father tried it. He was 71 years old having no idea how this this work but handling it just fine :)

And this is a drawing that he made after 15 minutes...

To conclude... nice tool and nice experience but already small screen became smaller and smaller... After one year, I soled it. Hand drawing is the top and this thing is good just for painting, not drawing so, scan your drawings and spice them with this. Actually, it was time to invest in something more professional so, with no thoughts I went for a bigger one. The story about it is yet to come so I hope you enjoyed and picked up something useful.

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