Tuesday, December 31, 2013

City.BA web site promo video, from PAL to HD

Promo video I made for the web site City.ba one of the best BIH info web portals. It exists since (and even before) year 2000 and now it evolved in something you simply have to visit. Enjoy!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

THE VAMPIRESS, from sketch to final oil painting

Fantasy painting inspired by the face of a woman... The initial sketch portrait with a pen, and oil painting after.

The wise man sketch, ink on paper - A4

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pencil drawing of a model, format B1 (soled)

The image is a bit blurry because of traditional photo shot in low light environment, too bad but nice memo archive...

Monday, December 23, 2013

Unfinished portrait of a girl (pencil on paper) format B1

Looks a bit vintage because of analog camera shot but supposedly, it gives some taste to it...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Private NON commercial hard drive benchmarks

If someone seeks for some NON commercial info about specific hard drives, I made benchmarks for you with drives I use at this moment. It might help somebody to choose what to buy...

1. Western Digital BLUE 10EZEX
  • (1TB, NO RAID configuration, SATA 2 CABLE)

  • (1TB, NO RAID configuration, SATA 3 CABLE)

2. Western Digital RED WD20EFRX (2TB, NO RAID configuration)

3. Western Digital GREEN WD30EURS (3TB, NO RAID configuration)

I want to say that GREEN drive, as much as it looks slower it works just fine! This difference you will not even notice in regular work. All of them are just fine comparing to expensive BLACK edition so.... this is just my point of view and the shopping is up to you.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adobe PDF Printer problem solved "partially"

Experiencing problems with printing/making PDF files from various programs through Adobe PDF printer? I spent weeks trying to solve this frustrating issue considering I work often with desktop publishing and need to deliver PDF files. Bellow, there is a 3 minutes long video that shows the issue using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and CORELs Bitstream Font Navigator on Windows 7 (64bit). The problem is, somehow, partially, connected with incompatible fonts. Why, I dont know. All I know that those font foles are not corrupted\ and work(ed) just fine with previous versions of Windows or other DTP software. Newer fonts will not have this problems but the age limit and reasons mystery to me. Anyway, its good to know what to do when PDF printer hangs.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Experiance with INTEL MASTERS EXTREME 2133mhz DDR3 memory, THE FIRST LOOK

Expireance with ASUS P9X79 PRO motherboard UPDATED

3D evolves, HD video demands resources yet INTEL's X79 chipset with LGA2011 socket looks promising for now and I decided to go for an upgrade. It was few months adventure of carefully picking up the components that should work nice and stable next few years as my digital tool.

I have been fan of ASUS motherboards since 2001/02 when I bough my first ASUS TUSL2 and P4B-266 motherboards. I was amazed with their stability and compatibility. P5B, P5K and P5Q PRO confirmed my trust so this time I made the same choice with ASUS P9X79 PRO. I was thinking about SABERTOOTH or standard P9X79 motherboards but after some comparisons, PRO version is simply the best choice and perfect balance of features, quality and price. DELUXE version is seamlessly expensive, WS (work station) version has no PCI slots so, PRO is just fine. I will not talk about its specifications and detailed features because it can be found on ASUS official site...

Facts based on few weeks of expiriance:
  • X79 has 8 slots for RAM and supports up to 64 gigs of RAM. Use that feature for RAM / DISC feature or smoother video editing BUT full RAM speed is questionable if you use all DIMMs so review ASUS compatibility listing before choosing modules. For best results, revise kits of 16,32 or 64 gigs because X.M.P. feature will be most stable if you consider memory combination you want.
  • ASUS SSD CACHING solution is not stabile and a bit expensive way to have faster system. It has issues because drivers chase so buying bigger SSD for OS is absolutely better choice. If you dont want to use SSD CACHING be sure to setup system drive on SATA1 connector and you will avoid boot up lags.
  • ASUS SSD CACHING feature will not work properly if initiated with drive with more than one partition so, you should initiate SSD CACHING on one partition drive and make additional partitions after completed initialization. All this issues with ASUS SSD CACHING makes me uncomfortable...
  • Too many overclocking parameter. Be ready for BSODs with wrong parameters... Do we have time to experiment???
  • Simple SATA configuration changes in BIOS might corrupts OS installation. This was not an issue on my ex ASUS P5Q PRO mobo so be careful.
  • If you want 32 gigs of RAM go for 32 gigs KIT or you will not be able to use XMP profile but just default 1600mhz speeds or have to go with frustrating manual overclocks.
  • If you have no choice but 2 x 16 gig kits on 2133 (like this rig) go for 1.725 volts. PATRIOT warned me to NOT go above 1.6 but I did and it works just fine.
  • Check the BIOS updates for more compatibility and stability. Its relative new chipset...

THE CASE Thermaltake Chaser A31 - black

  • Solid design
  • Good cable management
  • Good fan management
  • 2 low noise fans included
  • Good disk management
  • CORSAIR H100 and other coolers with big radiator ARE NOT recommended for this case if you use X79 motherboards because the only way they fit is to separate radiator and its fans with case grill and you dont want that because airflow will be bad. 
  • 1 SSD case suppor
  • Please revise fan and software setup as described bellow for best cooling performance!!!
When installing thermal demanding components like P9X79 and 3930k with all DIMMs filled up, it is MUST to think about air flow combination. I made many!!! combinations with fans to get temps as low as possible. Image bellow shows THE BEST fans setup so you dont have to loose your time like I did. Any fans combination beside the one on the image will heat your motherboard up to 55 degrees C, and the CPU up to even 90 degrees C on full load and that is something you would not like.... I am sure this setup will be valid even for other cases with similar design.

Here is the best fan hardware AND ASUS AI SUITE SOFTWARE setup with full system load

Dust filters:

Front panel with USB 3, shut down and reset switches:

Under the hood:

3 hard disc slots could be taken out for longer video cards:

Such a simple and well organized cable management holes:

Upper extra space for water cooling (not recommended) or 2 120mm fans with dust filter:

Front intake with 2 fan slots: