Sunday, June 16, 2013

Experiance with Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4

My definite keyboard choice on my table after seamlessly expensive LOGITECH G and RAZOR models! Surprisingly, it comes from Microsoft: SIDEWINDER X4. The box says its gaming keyboard but I am finding it very useful in work too because all programmable keys can be used as shortcut in any other software.

Whole package wears black and red style. Inside it has tough extra black box with nice designed pocket for manufacturer CD and manual with fancy round white QUAKE-ish logo. The CD is not "must have" as usual because Windows recognize the device automatically and installs newest drivers that offers everything to work smoothly.

Brand new keyboard is rolled in soft nylon bag and keyboard itself has big glossy dust / fingerprint shield sticker that can tell you easily is it new or used. Under this transparent sticker is low profile, black, glossy and simple organized keyboard with red LED keys that are not so small and high like LOGITECH did on its G series giving sort of claustrophobic and hard times typing. When its turned on it offers red LED color and it is only light color this keyboard offers but enough and very comfortable to look at in darker environment. When the light is turned off, key letters looks pure white and looks great on black keys. Other language layouts on this keyboard are very limited but if you need extra signs, you can easily find quality key stickers on eBay as shown bellow.

On the top there is simple set of multimedia keys, offering shifting macro key, audio control keys and light intensity key. On the left side is one column of six programmable keys and that's what can be used as shortcuts in games and work at three different levels. Its easy to record desired shortcuts  and that simple procedure can be found in manual for each level.

As I said, when you turn it on, (with single USB cable), red LED light keys turn on with possibility of changing light intensity on one of the upper keys. Space bar is a bit longer than usual because right WINDOWS key is removed, probably to save gamers from popping up the windows start menu in the during the game but anyway, who needs it. Under all this smooth and quiet keys there is decent rubbed peace for joint rest.

Short conclusion would be that it is multimedia keyboard with standard layout and dimensions that most of people will be comfortable with, spiced up with minimal cosmetic style and light. I have fealing that it is my personal choice for long time.