Saturday, March 22, 2014

CPU INTEL Core i7 3930k UPDATE

One of the most powerful desktop CPUs of 2011/2012 even 2013 indeed, and, it would be ok if its just processor you want to pay. Somehow, whole X79 LGA2011 will magically suck the money out from your pocket if you attend to use all of its potentials. It supports quad channel, up to 64GB or DDR3 1066, 1333, 1600 with around 50GB/s of memory bandwith with power to push more than enough gaming graphic in SLI or CROSSFIRE cards without a problem.

I could say 3 personal facts for now about this CPU:
  • the processor sucks 130Watts so it heats up and REQUIRES water cooling
  • it is shame to have it if you dont need its power
  • if you need it it is shame to have it without 16,24 or 32 gigs of enthusiast RAM and use it well in demanding tasks as 3D, post production or video editing.
Its dirty expensive so think well if you need it so urgently. Yes, it has 6 cores + 6 hyper threadings, 12mb of L2 cashe... but, perhaps, you might consider much cheaper i7 3770k? When it comes to 39xx sandy bridge-3 series and comparation with with 3960x or 3970x EXTREME editions, 3930k gains better value for its price. EXTREME is a bit faster with few more megabytes of cash but far more expensive. It supports many new smart CPU features that could be found on official INTEL web site but the most interesting for average user is its mark "K" that means its unlocked CPU and VERY overclockable with good water cooling. Its default XMP jumps go up to 3,8Ghz but manually it can go much further, up to you and your machine... This CPU is very powerful but too powerful / expensive for gamer or even enthusiast. It does offer 2 additional cores and extra 4mb of cashe over Ivy 4770k or 3770k but gain, its price should be considered well!

Here is some custom benchmarks with DDR3 1600 CL9

comparing to 3770 Ivy bridge:

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