Tuesday, March 4, 2014

CPU Water cooler Corsair H80i

CPU i7 3930k requires better cooling. I dont attend to do any extreme overclocking, so, considering case capabilities and cooler performances... my choice was Corsair H80i. It gives solid cooling performances with optional PUSH and PULL airflow options, it will fit fine on the back of the Chaser A31 or HAF STACKER 935 WITH SLIGHT SCREWS MODIFICATIONS and X79 motherboards with "high profile" memory modules installed and, it is quieter than former model H80. I would have nothing against H100 but - IT WILL NOT FIT THIS CASE CHASER A31 OR HAF STACKER 935 with ATX motherboards and high profiles of DDR memory modules or upper motherboard coolers! It will fit only if you separate radiator and its fans with case grill as I explained somewhere on the blog...
CORSAIR H80i stock fans are a bit laud when the CPU needs air but those can be replaced with some other low noise fans if you prefer. The fans should be better quality like NOCTUA because, cheaper fans like COOLERMASTER "LED fan toys", will melt under raising temperatures during full or overclocked CPU loads! Anyway, CORSAIR stock fans will do good with manual low turns settings in BIOS and temperatures will be just fine. The fact is that LED on the pump looks great (and I assume that you already know that its color can be modified in CORSAIR software) but as I red, there is many people who's LED drop dead and left with just one color. Same thing happened to me so.... good luck.

Any new experience will follow... and here are some images from the evolving rig...

Head pump with software control of speed, tact and LED color:

Fits well on the back side of the case:

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