Sunday, October 27, 2013

VGA - ASUS G Force GTX 660 Direct CU 2 OC, 2GB

Between many cards on the market, with various designs, chipsets and memories... as a balance of performance / price / design, my choice was ASUS G Force GTX 660 Direct CU 2 OC, 2GB. Great cooling design, decent chipset, direct CUDA and 2 gigs or speed RAM, enough reason to get this card. Its great balance between gaming and working with motion graphic and editing software. 

The facts are:
  • Great cooling design with 2 silent fans giving a low temperatures on full OC loads
  • Good price for the top brand, integrated chipset and amount of memory
  • Connect up to 4 monitors with no fear with its 2 gigs of RAM
  • Fast response in V-Ray RT rendering in 3D apps
  • Easy desktop VBIOS update.

Interesting... easy VGA BIOS update from desktop:

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