Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Private NON commercial hard drive benchmarks

If someone seeks for some NON commercial info about specific hard drives, I made benchmarks for you with drives I use at this moment. It might help somebody to choose what to buy...

1. Western Digital BLUE 10EZEX
  • (1TB, NO RAID configuration, SATA 2 CABLE)

  • (1TB, NO RAID configuration, SATA 3 CABLE)

2. Western Digital RED WD20EFRX (2TB, NO RAID configuration)

3. Western Digital GREEN WD30EURS (3TB, NO RAID configuration)

I want to say that GREEN drive, as much as it looks slower it works just fine! This difference you will not even notice in regular work. All of them are just fine comparing to expensive BLACK edition so.... this is just my point of view and the shopping is up to you.

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