About me

I was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1973. I followed family tradition and finished Goldsmith handicraft. Considering art, my first interests were in illustration, SF and fantasy. Later on, I am more and more occupied with studying and copying the masterpieces of other traditional artists, taking more serious steps in collecting practical experience.

Willing to continue, in 1995 I enrolled the Academy Of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and intensively started to work with various techniques on canvas and other kinds of traditional medium, having few individual and group exhibitions in and out of home country

Since 1986 my personal "art history" is accompanied with passion for CG in general through legendary personal computers ZX Spectrum, Commodore and AMIGA so, in middle 1990's, when PC became powerful tool, CG takes a great deal in my work but always trying to join traditional and digital techniques!

Today, I still live in the city of Sarajevo working as an animator and freelancer on various graphic design projects, animation, motion and web design.

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